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Just heard from Microsoft, MakeCode only works with Lego EV3, NOT NXT.


Quoting from Lego's LDD page: Sorry. We don’t support LDD version 4.3.10 anymore. If you still use version 4.3.10 you will experience errors when launching the application. You can still use “offline” mode if you wish. We urge you to update, use the download link, and install free application for Windows PC & Mac OSX. There is nothing wrong ...


In the comments you wrote: ...For the record, I am willing to consider answers that address other software as well. But I currently only have the LDD, so am completely unfamiliar to any other software out there. – nijineko Brinklink offers two programs that could be right up your alley: Studio 2.0 - A popular alternative to LEGO Digital Designer, ...


The kinds of software used to design LEGO MOC doesn't necessarily have to be solely confined to Computer Aided Design programs. We can get really creative and exploit functions of programs never intended to be used for MOC bricking. Enter: Adobe Photoshop - PS's main role is a visual graphic editor, but it does something strange if an image is magnified ...

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