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In the comments you asked, you know if it is possible also to work in with other 3d-files or only with bricks that are pre-integrated? So if i would have designed new bricks could i use them too?... Looks like Brinklink also offers a tweak program to make custom bricks called PartDesigner, that's able to export right into I'...


A popular alternative is, provided by Bricklink. Another possibility mentioned by Alex in the comments is LDCad.


LEGO officially stopped supporting NXT in 2015, however, as of 2019, the original NXT programming software is still available on the official LEGO MINDSTORMS web page. The original NXT programming software and EV3 desktop programming software are both 32-bit, so cannot run on macOS 10.15. The new EV3 programming software based on Scratch does not work ...


The NXT is no longer for sale by Lego, and I don't think they offer technical support for the NXT platform anymore. However, the EV3 software does support NXT. If you can't connect the software to the brick, it might be a driver issue. You can download the official NXT "Fantom" driver from the downloads page of the Mindstorms website - just scroll down until ...

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