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There is a free app called buwizz. It is a great alternative that gives more freedom, and works on Android.


I think you missed step 273 on page 133 of book 1. In this step you align the front and back wheel and move a gear wheel and bush so the front steering mechanism is connected to the rest. To fix this you need to disassemble part of the front After taken of the fenders Follow steps 471 till 484 in reverse. This removes the panel above the gear so you should ...


A fan is just 1/4 of a drone, right? Check out this lego drone that actually flies, for inspiration. The blade part in question is 89509


The easiest way to do this would be to use a motor with a high speed (or gear up a lower speed motor) and then attach one of the larger propeller elements to it. You can probably build a custom prop, but it might be challenging to build something with the proper blade angle while keeping it light and strong enough to not break apart when rotating quickly. ...


If you need a fast motor but not having too much torque, yet powerful enough - consider using a PF L-motor. It has roughly half of the XL-motor's torque, but twice as much rpm. The PF XL-motor has high torque, considering its intended application with LEGO. This is known to cause some serious damage to gears if the assembly isn't rigid enough. It is ...


To me, that does not really look like a proper gear train. I recommend that you line up all your gears on a technic beam and stick axles through them (and obviously bushes so they don't fall out). You also need to be using the correct gears. In other words, the ones you're using seem incompatible with each other, so you need to find gears that are designed ...

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