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You can find all of these elements listed on Bricklink under "Technic, Steering" category Assembled combinations are: Technic, Steering Portal Axle, Housing with Dark Bluish Gray Technic, Steering Wheel Hub 3 Pin Round (92908 / 92909) Technic, Steering Axle with 2 Pin Holes and 2 Axle Holes with Dark Bluish Gray Wheel Hub (23801 / 92909) Technic,...


Studless beams allow for bricks with corners: With studs Lego could produce similar bricks however it seems less obvious how they would look like. The benefits of having these curved bricks are just better designed models. Set 8880 (the big Technic car from 1994) is an example how Lego had to go trough great lengths to get corners and angles in their design....


These are from 42098: Car Transporter Key parts 24116 - Technic, Panel Curved 3 x 5 x 3 in Blue and Light Gray 15458 - Technic, Panel Plate 3 x 11 x 1 in Dark Azure


I'm sorry you've been frustrated with Blender. It is complicated and not as intuitive as it could be, but the alternatives are vastly more expensive for slightly better UX. 3D modeling is a lot of learning, regardless of the tool. Blender seems to be the best free general 3D modeling package available. There are tons of tutorials out there and Blender.SE ...


I haven't tried creating my own parts. However, I've seen that Bricklink's PartDesigner is quite popular in the community. It looks like the creation process is quite streamlined, you can edit the connectivity info of each piece, and it plays very nice with Bricklink's Studio.


Step 45 of instructions for 42100 set shows entire drive-train for one side of the tracks before it is being covered with some panels and beams. I've taken that image and have drafted a rough path between the motor and Tread Sprocket Wheel that will then transfer this motion to tread links. As you can see Clutch is within this drive-train, so it makes clear ...


This is a torque-limiting component. When one side is prevented from turning but the other side is forced to turn, the inner piece comes out of its "click location" and into the next one. It requires quite a large torque before it activates. You will not be able to generate the torque just by turning the two components with your bare hands. To see ...


I built a ball launcher out of one. Kind of like a baseball launcher.


Motor is only being used to operate the crane, not to drive the model. So driving/pushing shouldn't be blocked at any time. I suspect there will be an issue with position of differential - if placed incorrectly both axles will spin opposite directions. And if placed on the ground the model will simply not move. Check steps 169 and 268 in instructions booklet ...


Find a teenager you already know who will spread the word that you will trade old, boring Lego collections for new, shiny video game cash. Their parents will HATE you.


Generally speaking, for bulk bricks the best place is eBay. For greater selection (probably what you need for largish pieces), Facebook marketplace Craigslist Brick-and-mortar stores like For individual pieces, Pick-A-Brick or Bricklink. Also for several months now, Costco has been selling a 1500-piece Creator box for ~$40 ...

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