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How accurate is the model 42179 Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit?

I was working through this math myself. With the Lego sized earth (39mm), I'm coming up with a scale sun being 4.2m large, but 457m away. I'm using 150,000,000m as earth to sun distance. Am I ...
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Create a gimbal like structure with Technic gears

Check out the instructions (around steps 10-11) of 8855 Prop Plane. This model has a control stick that can tilt around two perpendicular axles:
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How can the 42180 Mars Exploration Rover be motorized?

After receiving the rover via the 2024 Q1 Activity Support program, I set about to answer the question. Using parts from a 42065: RC Tracked Racer and a PF servo motor to keep the costs and complexity ...
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