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Given your background and overall goals (using 3rd parties motors currently and hoping to power creations using Arduino or Raspberry Pi), I wouldn't go with the starter kit. For my money, I'd buy an M-motor or two and see if they meet your needs. These are currently $7.49 individually on


If you're interested in comparing motors regarding to torque and what they can deliver, I would recommend reading Philo's excellent motor comparison page which has a lot of detailed information, very much useful for tinkerers. Of course not all of these motors are readily available nowadays and depending on your project some may be less suitable; but there'...


For the rim I would say its original. LEGO made this part in Transparent. It has the correct mound ID 88517 And contains the LEGO logo + copyright symbol Only this part comes in 2 sets which doesn't contain a tire. The tire you have looks like Motorcycle Tyre Ø 100,6. Based on photos I cannot see any visible markings on the outside of the tire. I do own ...


The answer is studs. Note that there are more pieces with the same ability. Orientation of the bushing does matter when you run a rotating axle through a technic plate. Have the round side of the bushing pointing towards the studs. Otherwise the axle might lock up. Here's an example from set 852 where this technique is used to attach the helicopter's ...


The wavy side allows you to wedge the bush between 4 studs on a plate or brick. In my experience, placing the bush differently orientated never affects the build.

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