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Rebrickable has an option to compare set's main models and some of the B-models as well. However there is no inventory for second model for 8285 set available on Rebrickable. The best I could find is a LDraw file available on Eurobricks. I've imported this file as a custom list on Rebrickable that could be used to compare with sets and MOCs. Imported file ...


That's Container, Throwbot / Slizer 'Flying' Case Lid This item in Purple color was available in two sets.


There is an instruction on Rebrickable on how to motorize the truck. Please be aware that instructions are not free (I'm not affiliated with model designer). This gives you list of parts you need to have to complete the motorization. You can also check Rebrickable for other 42078 set and Mack related modifications, alternate and unique models with ...


If you want the belts to operating in a single plane, you could try having an angled blockage across the corner which diverts the blocks onto the next belt, like this. If you don't mind them going slightly up hill then all you need to do is make the one it is dropping off finish up high and have the next one be underneath it. In your diagram the dark green ...

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